Heroes of Khemer

A champion, an ogre, and a wedding.

Old friend become new enemies.

     As the fourth day of the tourney of Brindol winds down, Mithon approaches Lady Lysa Vreen in hopes of uncovering more information on the conspiracy surrounding the upcoming wedding. After a brief conversation, Mithon convinces the young noble woman to speak with him back at their tents, away from prying eyes. Meanwhile, Guy Entrean makes his way to Sir Atreus’ pavilion to invite the party to go hawking and hunting with the duke and the wedding party. Although Guy tells Sir Atreus and Lord Azgar that the duke is impressed with their efforts at the tournament and throughout the land, the stewards mannerisms say that he himself does not agree with Duke Jarmaath in this regard. After Mithon and Lysa arrive, the group sets to questioning Lysa about her conversation with Lady Rothschilde. Just when it seems they might actually get some information, they are interrupted by Archbishop Octagnius. The Archbishop remarks on how they have been invited to go with the duke and that the must not keep him waiting, and Lysa takes advantage of the distraction to quickly slip away.
     Thwarted in their attempts to investigate, the heroes gather their things and join the duke for the hunt. The party rides for about an hour outside Brindol and enjoy the warm summer sun, trying their hands at both hawking and hunting, when the duke approaches them. Duke Jarmaath reaffirms the gravity of the situation they are facing and tells the heroes that they could unite the Elsir Vale with this wedding. He beseeches the group to stay vigilant and uncover who is behind the conspiracy, reassuring them that they will handsomely rewarded.
     Shortly after their conversation with the duke, the afternoon calm is broken by a shriek from one of the nobles. Directing their attention to the tree line the heroes see the trees seemingly moving and bending of their own accord. Then suddenly, four of the duke’s guardsmen are sent flying backwards as a monstrous ogre smashes them with a tree ripped from the very ground. The ogre yells “Git da girlie and furgit da rest!” as a squad of hobgoblin soldiers pours out from the forest and bears down upon the Duchess Esabelle and Count Callen. The ducal guard rallies around their liege lord and attempt to spirit him from the scene, while Azgar heroically leaps from his mount and rushes to the duchess. The dwarven warrior slams his shield into the ground, utters a dwarven word and the shield magically pulls up the earth creating a wall of stone to protect the duchess. Mithon, not one to let a dwarf out do him, races to the duchess and leaps from horseback to the top of the wall and offers his horse for the duchess and Count Callen to escape. And not a moment too soon it would seem as a hobgoblin sorcerer emerges from the trees and blasts a hole in the wall with a vicious lightning bolt. Seeing an opportunity that has presented itself, Sir Atreus calls for his lance from his squire and charges through the hole in the wall solidly striking the ogre, but amazingly the massive beast shrugs off the attack. Ian, spying the hobgoblins racing towards the nobles, becomes a flurry of blades, stabbing with his swords, spinning, and drawing and throwing axes and knives with incredible speed and accuracy. The heroes, and a contingent of guardsmen left behind, provide enough of a distraction for the nobles to escape, and engage the humanoids in a furious battle.
     The aftermath finds the heroes battered but victorious, the ogre and the hobgoblin soldiers dead, and the hobgoblin sorcerer fled into the forest. Sir Atreus instructs Mithon and Azgar to chase down the sorcerer while he and Ian will catch up with and provide security for the duke. Azgar and Mithon comply and quickly chase down the hobgoblin sorcerer, who after seeing he had no chance for escape, took his own life rather than be interrogated by the heroes. After a quick search, Mithon takes the sorcerer’s tabard which was emblazoned with a bloody red hand.
      Returning to Brindol the group finds that they have even more questions but are no closer to answers, so they decide to rest and recoup for the night after Mithon takes the hobgoblin’s tabard to Hedrid at the library. The next day, Atreus continued to be successful in the joust and Mithon journeyed into town to buy decorative masks for the evenings masquerade ball. Again the heroes put on their finery and made their way to the keep, knowing that time was running out on them. With the wedding only a day away, the party knew the conspirators would be making their move soon. Once at the ball, the heroes moved about the party and decided to question the people they felt held the clues to growing threat. Mithon tracked down Lady Rothschilde, Atreus found Lady Vreen and Azgar sought out Guy Entrean while Ian watched the room for other suspects. Using their powers of persuasion, or lack thereof in Azgar’s case, the group discovered that they may being set up as suspects themselves. It would seem Lady Rothschilde had discovered that Lysa had been involved in some hedonistic cult, and although she wanted to get out, she was being beaten and forced to participate by none other than the good Archbishop Octagnius. Furthermore, the archbishop had been spreading tales of how the troubles didn’t truly show up until the heroes arrived to Guy Entrean, turning the steward against the group. Through their discussion, the group realized that the archbishop had been pulling their strings all along and setting them up as the culprits, should any of his schemes succeed. Seeking the aid of Sir Edward, the heroes tell the captain of the guard all they knew, but at that very moment, a clinking of glasses announced a toast being made in honor of the betrothed. Directing their attention to the front of the room they see that Archbishop Octagnius is providing a toast and passing out wine to Esabelle, Callen and Duke Kerden. In a breathless whisper, Lysa moans “Oh no, the Archbishop keeps poison in a ring on his little finger….”
     Making a mad dash toward the royals, Atreus yells “Don’t drink the wine!”, and Azgar exclaims “It be poisoned!” Taking advantage of the momentary distraction Mithon rushes to take the wine glass from the duchess, only to be intercepted by one of the duke’s guardsmen, but at the last possible second Ian slides through the guards legs, taking his pants down in the process and allowing the elf to reach the duchess in time.
     Explaining that the wine was poisoned the dwarf bravely ingests the wine to prove the archbishop’s guilt, relying on his dwarven constitution to protect him, but it seemed to be for naught as the wine was not poisoned. The archbishop takes the opportunity to gloat and accuse the heroes of being behind the troubles in Brindol, but an impassioned plea by the heroes keeps the duke from sending them to the dungeons. After presenting all of their evidence to the duke, with an assist from Lady Rothschilde, Duke Jarmaath orders the archbishop to drink the remaining wine himself, and knowing he was caught, Octagnius tried to flee, only to be caught by Sir Edward.
      The following day saw Sir Atreus squaring off against Sir Miles Berrick in the finals for the joust and while Atreus competed valiantly, it was clear after two passes that Sir Miles Berrick was clearly the better knight and he led two lances to none. As they prepared for the third and final tilt, Sir Miles Berrick in a surprising move put up his lance, and withdrew from the competition, allowing Sir Atreus the victory in honor of the heroes efforts in uncovering the cultists. That evening, the heroes joined the rest of the ducal court as the Duchess Esabelle and Count Callen were wedded, celebrating the momentous occasion long into the night, as the nobles and commoners alike sang their praises.



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