Heroes of Khemer

Into the Depths

The first foray

     Atreus went down first. After more than twenty feet down he swung over to the ledge and found the staircase the goblins must use to traverse in and out of the ravine. He was lost in thought when the beast lunged out of the shadows, but his reflexes were up to the task. He brought his shield up in time to block the bite of the giant rat. The beast was the size of a large dog! What other foul creatures did this place hold? Azgar and Lannister quickly descended the rope to join in the fight, while Nergui and Sorfildor provided ranged support. After a short but furious battle, Azgar struck true with his hammer, crushing the head of the rat. Sorfildor and Nergui made their way down into the ravine and the heroes climbed down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs they were attacked by a couple few more rats, but quickly dispatched the beasts. What they saw next took their breath away.
     Standing before them in the bottom of the ravine was a castle of some sort. It appeared that the earth had opened up and swallowed the citadel whole. While there was much damage to the structure, the bulk of the citadel remained intact. Before them stood a door, and seeing no other options, other than the rat filled rubble surrounding the castle, they entered the citadel.
     Inside the tower, they found the remnants of a battle. Four rotting goblin bodies lay before them, obviously killed in battle. The killing spear of one, still held the goblin pinned to the wall. Removing the spear, Sorfildor found some Draconic writing inscribed on the wall that read Ashardalon. There were two visible doors in the room, but after a quick search, Azgar found the outline of a hidden door in the stone as well. The heroes opened the secret passage and found the remains of three humanoid archers lying in the dust of an undisturbed chamber. The bodies had little of value, but they did find three magical arrows. Nergui eagerly accepted the treasure and looked forward to putting them to use. Atreus knelt over the bodies and whispered a prayer to the Light to let the souls of the archers rest in peace, but the prayer had an unintended effect. Offended by the prayer to another God, the humanoid archers rose into undead skeletons, intent on taking the lives of those that disturbed their slumber. A battle ensued and the heroes prevailed after a tough fight.
     Moving deeper into the citadel, they found themselves in a hall with a stone door carved the shape of a rearing dragon. Centered in the dragon’s mouth was the keyhole for the door. The southern end of the hall ended in rubble and opened into the surrounding ravine. Sorfildor set to studying the door, when more dire rats attacked the heroes. Confident in his companion’s abilities, Sorfildor ignored the threat and continued to study the door. Unfortunately Sorfildor would pay for his folly as one of the rats leaped and tore out the throat of the elven wizard before anyone could react. The party quickly dispatched the rats and moved their fallen companion to the secret chamber. They decided to continue exploring the hall and that they would bring Sorfildor back to Oakhurst for a proper burial.
     Unable to open the door, the party moved through the other doors and continued to explore the citadel. Nergui picked up what appeared to be the trail of Sir Bradford’s party and they followed it to a chamber with a fountain and another stone door, both that held Draconic inscriptions. Being unable to decipher the language now that Sorfildor had fallen, they decided to leave that and continue following the trail.
     As the heroes open a door to a chamber, they discover that the door was trapped with an alarm bell. Apparently the goblins were a crafty bunch! Having sprung the trap, the party was attacked by goblins throwing spears and firing crossbows, to make things worse the hallway was littered with caltrops making the corridor almost impassable. A hard fought battle ensued, and the heroes prevailed, but at a steep price, Lannister had taken a crossbow bolt to the ribs and was bleeding profusely. The party decided to fall back and return to Oakhurst, much to the chagrin of the goblins in the next chamber, who taunted the brave adventures with insults and proclaimed their superiority. The heroes grabbed the body of their fallen wizard and limped their way through the dark back to Oakhurst.



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