Heroes of Khemer

Let the games begin!

A tournament for the ages.

      The heroes arrive in Brindol, and make their way to the Shining Citadel in the city to meet with Atreus’ superiors. After informing him of the message to the gnolls, Archbishop Octagnius encourages the group to take part in the tournament so that they can keep a closer eye on the betrothed should anything come up. That way, they’ll be in position to stop what ever nefarious act the villains are scheming. The group agrees, finishes their business in the city and make their way to the tournament grounds.
      Upon their arrival, they are met by Guy Entrean, the duke’s steward, and they select the events they will be participating in. Sir Atreus will joust, Lord Azgar will enter the melee, Mithon the archery, and Ian will enter both the knife and axe throwing events. The heroes then make their way to the virtual city of tents to unpack their things as they only have a few hours until the shield presentation, followed by a feast to kick off the tournament. After cleaning off the dust, dirt and blood from themselves, the group puts on their finest clothing and set to enjoy the night. During the dinner, the guests are making small talk and the thoughts of danger almost slip from their minds, when the night’s calm is broken. A knight at the head table starts violently choking and collapses into his food. The Duchess Esabelle, seated next to the knight, lets out a shriek and chaos breaks out through the crowd. The duchess is lead away by her entourage and Guy Entrean starts restoring order allowing the heroes to investigate the disturbance.
      After a couple of hours of investigation, Mithon tells the party that the elves seated at the head table were none other than the elves of House Erannon, the very same house that was involved with trying to acquire the services of the Great Ulfe and his band of orcs. Mithon also takes a closer look at the food on the table and using his knowledge of nature, the druid discovers that the mushrooms the knight was eating were intentionally prepared in a way that would make them poisonous. Meanwhile, Sir Atreus gathers from the other knights in attendance that the fallen knight was Sir Ethan Houge, a favorite cousin of the duchess. Ian had spent the time in the kitchens and discovered from the servants that the duchess herself had ordered the mushrooms as a treat for her cousin, but the message was carried by the Lady Lysa Vreen. With all avenues, seemingly exhausted, the group retires to their tents, all save for Mithon, whose distrust for House Erranon leads him to stand vigil at their pavilion through the night. Returning late, Mithon tells the group that the elves met with Lady Vreen and a knight, discovered to be Sir Richard Flanders.
      The next morning, the tournament continues on as planned, as Duke Kerden Jarmaath would not have this tremendous occasion be delayed. The explanation was given that Sir Ethan had simply choked on his food and died before aid could be administered. During the games, all the heroes performed admirably, but while Lord Azgar and Sir Atreus defeated their opponents in the first round, Ian was defeated in the finals of the knife throwing competition. Near the end of the day’s dueling, a disturbance draws the attention of the crowd, the captain of the duke’s guard Sir Edward Rothschilde was in a heated debate with Guy Entrean. The argument ended when Sir Edward yelled “First you impugn my honor, and now that of my family! With the next insult out of your mouth, we will be discussing the matter with steel!” before storming away. Duke Kerden quickly clapped his hands to restore order and continue the games, but the argument had made an impact on the mood of the tourney.
      The third day of the tournament was much the same as the first. Sir Atreus and Lord Azgar easily defeated their foes and Ian won the axe throwing competition. That evening the heroes attempt to further investigate whatever conspiracy may be going on by making small talk with some of the other tournament participants and guests, while Ian follows Lady Vreen. From the shadows Ian overhears Lady Vreen arguing with another noble woman, whom the group would discover to be Lady Amanda Rothschilde, and discovers that Lady Vreen is in some sort of trouble. Lady Rothschilde threatens Lysa to say something before she herself does and Lysa runs away crying. It would later be discovered that Lady Rothschilde has a close personal relationship (some say too close) with the very married Duke Kerden, and others insinuated that Sir Edward had attained his captaincy through this relationship.
       On the fourth day of the tournament, the heroes experienced mixed results in the lists. Mithon easily defeated all foes in the archery contest and Sir Atreus continued to show his mettle in the joust, but in a major surprise, the growing favorite, Lord Azgar was defeated in the melee by Sir Robert Marlson, a knight from Allonvale. With a growing web of intrigue surrounding the tournament the heroes make their way back to the tents to contemplate what next mystery these games will bring.



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