Heroes of Khemer


A heroic quest

     Standing on the precipice of a deep, dark, ravine, Atreus peers into the darkness as if he could see what lay below. A sense of dread washes over him. Is this the lair of the foul creatures that have been attacking the local farmsteads, the home of the goblins with the magical apples Sorfildor kept babbling about, or both? If only the Light would give him a sign that he was on the right path. He needed to find out what happened to Sir Bradford, maybe then the Lord of Light would bless him and he could officially join his brotherhood of the Kindred.
     Nergui looked down into the ravine and saw nothing but enclosed spaces and darkness. He had found an unexpected friend in this Atreus, and decided to follow him, but did it have to lead down into that? He would much prefer to be on his horse in the open plains but he had made his decision to go where Attreus went. If that meant he had to go into the abyss of the earth, so be it.
     The dwarf inhaled the musty smell emanating from the ravine and a feeling of nostalgia washed over him. He missed the mountain halls of his kin, but since his brother died he could find no solace there. Azgar wasn’t sure if this was the right quest for him to atone for his sins, or even if he liked the elf that had hired him, but it was the quest at hand. He would make his family proud of him again and show those with him what true heroism was.
     This ravine was old…that much was for certain. Sorfildor desperately wanted this to be the right place. If he could find the magical apples and bring them back to the Crystal Tower, he could show Hedrid that he was ready to be a full-fledged member. He knew he shouldn’t have left ahead of his master, but he had to prove himself on his own.
     Lannister observed his new companions with interest. Perhaps this was his true purpose. He had been chasing the brotherhood so long, that he had forgotten what it was like to be curious or even noble. It felt good to be helping the people of Oakhurst for no other reason than it was the right thing to do. Maybe it was time to put vengeance on hold for a while and see where his new friends might take him.



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