Heroes of Khemer

Return to Drellin's Ferry

Ill tidings of approaching doom.

     With the bridge destroyed and the oncoming horde presumably slowed, the heroes prepare to depart for town when they hear a noise coming from Skull Gorge, a loud grunting sound. Moving in to investigate, they suddenly see a body come flying out of the gorge and land amongst them with a resounding splat. The broken and battered body is, unfortunately, that of Edward, Atreus’ squire, and is followed out of the gorge by Old Warklegnaw, the hill giant chieftain. The giant, having survived the fall, recovered Edwards body and returned him to the heroes. “You have done me a great service my friend, by returning his body to me” Atreus says, “and for that I am eternally grateful, but I must now ask what else you can do to help us against the horde.” The giant ponders this for a moments and replies, that while many of his kin have already joined the horde, there are still many giant who have not, scattered through the hills of the Witchwood. Old Warklegnaw says that he will gather his remaining kin and harry the Red Hand, through the forest, buying the people of the Vale another couple of days. With a plan in place, the heroes ride through the night and arrive in Drellin’s Ferry the next morning saddle sore and exhausted.
     The heroes spend the morning in Drellin’s Ferry resting and resupplying in town. Atreus takes Edward’s body to the Church and asks Brother Derny to prepare the young lad for his funeral rights and explains the danger that is approaching the sleepy little town. Quinwyn makes good use of his time, going to see Jarett Nurth, at Jarett’s sundries to gather supplies for the next leg of their mission, while also spreading word to the common folk of the goblinoid horde on it’s way. Ian, in true Ian fashion spends his time sleeping, seemingly oblivious to the danger on its way. After some time, Lord Wiston, Sir Holger, and Delora Zann, the master of the towns livery stable, approach the heroes in the Green Apple Inn to appraise the situation. The heroes explain the dire situation facing Drellin’s Ferry but the townsfolk, not having seen the massive size of the horde, had trouble believing the scope of the danger they were in. The group impresses upon Lord Wiston that thousands upon thousands of hobgoblins are advancing, supported by giants, manticores, and dragons, and Lord Wiston’s next reaction is that of panic and indecision. Lord Wiston tells the heroes that he must take this information before the entirety of the town council and will ask the heroes to speak to them, tomorrow or the next day. The group is frustrated with this, but are left to sit and wait.
     The next day arrives, and the morning passes into afternoon with no word from the town council. Quinwyn spends his time outside the Old Toll House which serves as the town hall, courtroom, jail, and town guard headquarters, to keep an eye on things and impress upon the guards his skill with a blade. Atreus makes his way to Sterrel’s Provisioning to purchase a wagon and team, and sends Lady Lysa and his entourage to Brindol to warn Duke Jarmaath of the trouble facing the Vale. As the day passes into evening, the heroes still haven’t heard from the council and decide to approach them instead. At the door to the Toll House, the group is denied passage by Sergeant Hersk as the town council is in session. It was then that they hear the screams from the green.
     Rushing to the green, the heroes see a terrible sight, the green dragon Ozyrrandion strafing the green and using his caustic breath to murder the townsfolk within. Men, women and children died horrible deaths as their skin bubbled and peeled and their lungs burned from the inside out. The heroes engaged the dragon, who seemed different, with pulsing red claw marks and scars marking his body; it would seem the Red Hand Horde was not pleased with his failure at Skull Gorge Bridge. Quinwyn fired arrows, while Atreus ran to the stables to get his mount Tehnaver, Kishra, threw his arcane might at the beast and Ian his daggers, but the dragon was unfazed. Ozyrrandion used his mobility to stay out of harm’s reach and threaten the heroes with his breath weapon, and things looked dire for the party. The group needed a strategy, and decided to target the creature’s wings, trying to limit his mobility. Quinwyn expertly placed an arrow into the membrane of Ozryandion’s left wing, wounding and slowing the dragon down. Kishra, then taunted and enraged the dragon, who responded by landing and savagely tearing into the wizard, nearly killing him. The strategy proved successful, as it allowed Ian to get into reach and attack and injure the dragon’s other wing with his swords. The dragon’s counterattack was savage, as he tore into Ian with tooth and claw, swatted Kishra with his tail and blasted Atreus with his caustic breath before trying to fly away. The wounds to his wings only permitted the dragon a short glide, however, and this proved fatal, as the dragon landed within reach of Atreus’ mounted charge. Shouting a battle cry to the Lord of Light, the knight lowered his lance, empowered by the Light’s Fury, and struck the dragon a devastating blow severely wounding Ozyrrandion. The dragon was not done yet however, and as Quinwyn and Ian closed for melee the dragon blasted the elven warrior with his acidic breath dropping him and then attacked Ian with a fury nearly ripping the rogue limb from limb and leaving him laying in a puddle of his own gore. With two of his companions down, Atreus wheeled his mount around and charged again, slamming his lance into the dragon without mercy. The mighty dragon reared back in pain and looked to blast the knight with his breath weapon but before he could, Kishra took advantage of the situation. Gathering his eldritch might, the wizard let loose with a blast of magical force that shook the green and blasted the life from the dragon, and Ozyrrandion was no more.
     With the threat past, Brother Derny and his acolytes rushed to help and heal the heroes, but there was nothing to be done about the townsfolk the dragon attacked. Surveying the scene and noting the body count, an enraged Quinwyin savagely cut the head from the dragon and the heroes marched toward the town hall. Sergeant Hersk had the door open and the group was permitted to enter and found themselves facing the council of Drellin’s Ferry. The faces of the townsfolk were unreadable, and Atreus wondered if they had unknowingly entered another combat. Quinwyn callously tossed the dragon’s head on their table and a heated discussion ensued with the group trying to get the people of Drellin’s Ferry to flee to the east, but the town council had other ideas. Iormel Cowell, a wealthy landowner in town, argued for fighting the horde and making a stand, not willing to give up his life’s work. Kellin Shadowbanks, the owner of the Old Bridge Inn, proposed sending the horde some gold and trying to buy them off. The passionate pleas of the heroes was not to be ignored however, and in the end they convinced the townsfolk to begin their preparations. Lord Wiston asked the heroes for two more days, as it would be difficult to bring in the crops from the fields and gather the provisions needed for travel before then. The heroes agreed, and with the horde bearing down upon their town, they studied Wyrmlord Koth’s map to plan their next move.



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