Heroes of Khemer

Skull Gorge Bridge

Well, that didn't go as planned....

     The heroes decide to make their way north along the Dawn Way to scout the enemy forces and see exactly what they are dealing with. After a couple of hours the forest grows more ominous as the road winds its way through the trees, when the group comes across a wide track heading west off of the main path, marked by a massive effigy of some kind, a fifteen foot tall humanoid shape made from a sagging moss covered frame. The party determines that this must be a holdover from the giant tribes that once made this area their home and move on.
     Shortly thereafter, Mithon, who had been scouting ahead returns to the group stating that an enormous stone bridge lies before them crossing the gorge. He tells the group that hobgoblin sentries man the watchtowers, and although he was able to eliminate one and get back unseen, it wouldn’t take long for the hobs to discover their fallen comrade. The group quickly makes a plan and begins to move toward the bridge when an enormous shadow darkens the sky above them. Looking to the heavens they see a dragon, emerald scales gleaming in the sunlight, bank and swoop down behind them unleashing a cloud of toxic vapor from its throat.
     Only the quick thinking of the heroes save them from the terrible wyrm, but the beast did serve to scatter their mounts and ruin the surprise. Breaking out of the forest and into the open, the party is assaulted by a hail of arrows from the hobgoblin archers and hear the telling sounds of hobgoblin troops on the march across the bridge.
     The valiant heroes try to mount a defense but their lines are harassed by massive dogs covered with flame. Azgar and Atreus take out the hell hounds while Mithon duels the hobgoblin archers on the bridge towers. Hedrid tries to slow the advance of the hobgoblin soldiers by throwing an incredible ball of fire into their ranks, but the troops are well trained and get their shields up in unison, surviving the attack with few casualties.
     By now, the dragon has entered the fray and is confronted by Atreus and Azgar. The hob archers take advantage and strike the heroes from behind felling Edward and seriously wounding Atreus. Hedrid readies another spell but is taken down by spears thrown from the hob soldiers. Mithon’s deadly accuracy takes out a couple of archers, but the dragon, Ozyrrandion, strikes Atreus with a swipe of his massive tail, sending the knight flying off his horse and removing him from the battle. Not content with his work, the dragon rears back and sinks his teeth deep into the mighty dwarf Azgar, crushing the fight out of the dwarf with his powerful jaws. Mithon, not one to give up and leave his friends behind tries to mount a run and shoot war against the enemy but the numbers are against him and soon Ozzyrandion lands before him. The last thing the elf sees, are the yellow teeth of the dragon snapping down towards him.



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