Heroes of Khemer

Who is the Ghostlord?

The return of Jarret Nurth.

     The heroes rest for the night in what they determine is the old Rhest Town Hall. While the others take turn on guard, Kishra uses his arcane magics to identify the magical loot they found. The next morning they do a thorough search of the compartments, and determine that Wyrmlord Saarvith was sent here to establish a hatchery for the harrowblades, or Greenspawn Razorfiends, as the hobs call them. They hear the howls of the razorfiend coming from the west and decide to investigate. Upon entering the enclosure, they are immediately set upon by the dragonspawn. The creature blasts them with it’s caustic breath, but the heroes are quick and mostly avoid it, with only Atreus suffering from the acidic effects. The razorfiend was not done however, and the beast leaps at the group looking to rend the heroes. Quinwyn is up to the task and eviscerates the beast with a flurry of steel. The group searches the pen and finds thirty razorfiend eggs hidden underneath the water. Kishra takes one for study, while Quinwyn destroys the rest and the heroes set to return to Starsong Hill.
     The return trip proves difficult though as the lizardfolk raft they stole has been re-appropriated by the saurians. Some quick thinking by the elven brothers provides transport as Quinwyn and Kishra quickly tear down the harrowblade enclosure and instruct a raft of their own. The group returns across the lake to their elven boat with Trellara’s body in tow, and spend the rest of the day sailing towards the the elven community. Arriving early on the following day, the group explains to Sellyria what happened at the drowned city and they prepare for Trellara’s funeral on the following day. The elves of Starsong Hill thank the group for the help in the Blackfens and agree to not only provide them transport on their giant owls back to the road blockade, but also to send a contingent of owl riding elf warriors to Brindol to help with the defense of the city.
     Upon arriving at the road blockade, the party wastes no time in destroying the structure and gathering men to leave. They make their way south along the Rhest Trail to Witchcross and decide that after two hard days on the road, they need a bed for the night and take rooms at the Fox n’ Feather, the local inn. While enjoying a meal and getting some much needed rest, the heroes witness a village boy come in and give a note to the innkeeper, who solemnly tells the common room that the Red Hand Horde has taken and burned Terrelton. The group decides to make haste to Brindol and leave the next morning riding hard for the city, leaving Sergeant Hersk and his troops with the supply horses to catch up.
     Returning to Brindol, the groups finds the city very different from how they left it. In the apple and pear fields, guardsman drill from dusk till dawn, and they city’s walls are lined with crossbowmen, even at a late hour. The gates of the city are impossible to close as the throngs of people stream in from the western and out through the eastern gates toward Dennovar. The party makes their way to the Shining Citadel where they find the Sisters of Mercy tending to many of the wounded refugees, looked over by Sir Marcus Nazgul and his Silver Gryphon Knights. Sir Atreus gets the group rooms at the cathedral and the heroes plan their next move.
     The next couple of days has the heroes splitting up to accomplish their goals more quickly. Thissag stays at the Shining Citadel, digging through old scrolls and manuscripts to see what he can find on the Ghostlord, while Kishra makes his way to Brindol’s library to do the same. Quinwyn and Ian head toward the docks to secure a ship to transport them down to the Thornwaste, and Atreus makes his way to the keep to inform Androen’s nobility of their progress. In the end, all were successful in their duties and discover that Urikel Zarl, or the Ghostlord, was a sorcerer involved with a lion cult hundreds of years ago and had a conflict with the Kingdom of Rhestilor. It is said that he was killed beneath the paws of his own stone lion monument and turned himself into a liche. Armed with this information, the heroes board the Grey Gull and travel the Elsir River west towards Talar.
     The captain, Huan Mallia advises them to rest for the night in Talar, as it will be the last time they see civilization for several days. The group agrees and make their way into town where they find a couple of the Sisters of Mercy loading villagers into wagons and decide to help with the evacuation. Noticing one of the refugees was acting strangely, Thissag notifies the group, and a suspicious Quinwyn discovers that the refugee is none other than the notorious cultist Jarett Nurth! He grabs the priestess and attempts to pull her from the wagon, when several of her cultists, disguised as villagers, spring to her aid. The fight is on and sees two spearmen engage Sir Atreus and Thissag, and two swordsmen attack Quinwyn. Kishra moves to help his brother and blasts one of the swordsman with his eldritch might, but is attacked from behind himself by a cultist wielding a wicked spiked chain. Ian, who had been lazily avoiding helping the townsfolk on the deck of the ship, hears the commotion and springs into action. The battles takes a turn for the worse as the chain fighter wraps his weapon around Kishra and savagely drags him to the ground and wounding him badly. Quinwyn throws Jarett to the ground and dispatches the second swordsman, moving to help his brother, but the distraction is enough to allow Jarett to use her spells to turn invisible. The group rallies with Atreus and Thissag defeating the spearman, but the chain fighter sees that his group has lost and threatens to kill Kishra if the heroes do not give him two horses for him and his mistress. Reluctantly, the party agrees and provide the mounts; the chain fighter allows Jarett ample time to escape before he himself flees.
     As the cultist rides away, Qunwyn and Ian quickly grab their bows and fire, severely wounding the cultist. Sir Atreus steps before them demanding that they stop as a bargain had been struck. An enraged Quinwyn states that he struck no bargain and that Atreus let them get away, but the damage was done and the cultists were gone. The heroes spend the rest of their time in Talar in silence helping the townsfolk depart, and the next morning a very quiet and solemn group board the Grey Gull and sail west.



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