Sir Atreus Tourian

A shining paladin in a world of darkness.


My name is Atreus Tourian and I was born nearly twenty-five winters past. I was raised by my father, Anvar, a lumberer for Vartan, a small hamlet just off the river, about a three-day hard ride south of Brindinford, until nearly ten springs ago, when Vartan was attacked by a war-party of orcs. Many of my kin were killed that day, including my father who had hidden me in the mill and defended the townsfolk with his woodsman axe until he was overrun. I remained hidden for several hours well after the sounds battle disappeared. When I finally emerged, I knew not what to do. Where earlier this morn, a lively village stood, now only burnt and broken remains of only the life that I knew. Suddenly, a man then arrived on horseback. Well armed and armored, he was. He told me that he was following the orcs, but arrived too late to help my townsfolk. He was off to pursue the vile creatures and would return by the next morn. He told me to gather supplies for travel, for I was leaving this behind.

He returned bloodied and weary, before at sunrise the next morn. I had already gathered what supplies I could carry and was doing my best to lay my kin to rest. He helped me, regardless of wounds he had evidently endured in his battle against the orcs. He identified himself as only as Tren, and that he had dedicated his life to right the wrongs that were inflicted upon helpless people. He lived by what he called this Tyr’s Iron Code of the Kindred, and that he would train me to follow in his footsteps, as he did under his mentor. The code was simple, and it would be the words I would come to live by. “Never harm an innocent woman or child. Do not lie, cheat or steal – these things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. Never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the pursuit of evil. It is not enough to say I will not be evil, it must be fought wherever it is found." With the Kindred’s mantra echoing in my heart and my father’s axe in my hands, we left Vartan behind.

For the next ten years, he mentored and trained me, both as one of Tyr’s Kindred and as my surrogate father. I trained in combat, bolstered by my bravery and steadfast belief in the cause of one of Tyr’s Kindred. A tenday Tren told me that my training was now over, and it was now my time to face the tyranny in the lands with faith and steel at my side. To stand up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves and right the wrongs that have been unleashed upon the weak, as we once were.

He then requested me to create an item, one that would act as my spiritual focus in my quest against evil. This item had to be something that was to be symbolic to me. I could find no better symbol than an axe, as my father died wielding one to save my life. I then melted down my father’s axe head and reforge it into my sacramental, bonding my past to my future. The only thing left was to prove myself worthy to Tyr. He has not blessed me, for I have not yet earned the right to become on of the Kindred.

My name is Atreus Tourian and I will stand against evil wherever it is found. I am armed with my resolution and protected by my faith. I strive to prove myself as and join the ranks of one of Tyr’s Kindred, I will protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Those who serve evil shall feel no mercy.

Sir Atreus Tourian

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