Great Ulfe

A fearsome ogre chieftain.


     This creature’s python-thick apish arms and stumpy legs conspire to drag its dirty knuckles through the wet grass and mud. The stooped giant blinks its dim eyes and an excess of soupy drool spills over its bulbous lips. Its misshapen features resemble a man’s face rendered in watercolor, then distorted by a careless splash. It snarls as it charges, a sound the offspring of bear and man might make, showing flat black teeth well suited for grinding bones to paste.


     The Great Ulfe (uhl-fah) is the ogre chieftain who took control of the top level of the defunct dwarven citadel Khundrukar. He controlled his orc followers directly through fear, and indirectly through his warden Old Yarrick and shaman Burdug.
     The Great Ulfe was approached by agents of the Red Hand Horde, seeking an alliance for the upcoming invasion of the Vale, but Ulfe was not impressed and devoured the messenger.

Great Ulfe

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