Count Hargil Trask

Count of Summerdale


     Hargil is a balding middle-aged man with a no-nonsense approach to life. Though mild-mannered and patient, Hargil is calculating and capable of great cruelty. He possesses a cold cunning and a skill for strategy. Hargil’s voice is spider soft; he speaks softly and rarely raises his voice, forcing those who listen to do so intently. When he speaks silence often descends. Hargil sips alcohol and prefers hippocras, or hot spiced wine, although he is also willing to drink ale and regular wine.


     Count Hargil Trask and the rest of the no-good Trask clan govern the town by the Count’s fiat. Duke Kerden of Brindol has no use for Count Trask and would like to see him and his lot driven our of Elsircross. The towns of Elsir Vale haven’t fought among themselves in many years, however, and Jarmaath is loath to intervene in another town’s business, even if that business is getting rid of a jumped-up brigand like Hargil Trask. For his own part, Trask is smart enough to keep his thugs from running amok in his own lands, so his subjects (and neighbors) tolerate him and his swaggering sons for now, but Trask has ideas about adding Marthton or Red Rock to his domain, and maybe even Brindol someday.

Count Hargil Trask

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