Duke Kerden Jarmaath

Duke of Androen


Duke Jarmaath is a lean man with a short, well-trimmed beard, graying hair, and wrinkles that don’t quite belie his forty-five years. He is widely admired as a just and fair ruler.


Duke Kerden is a widowed man, forty-five years old. His wife fell down stairs in the keep years ago and broke her neck. He has a son and a daughter, both full grown and married now. Though he never remarried, he’s always been fond of the ladies (some whisper that this was the case even before his wife’s accident). He’s known to spend time with at least two women in Brindol, though he keeps his personal life as private as possible. Each of the ladies “rents” a small house from him. House Jarmaath owns a lot of property both within and outside of the city; most of this is rental property. The populace of Brindol generally regards Duke Kerden as a fair and capable administrator, and the town and its surrounding environs have grown strong under his leadership.

Duke Kerden Jarmaath

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