Lady Lysa Vreen

A courtier in the service of Atreus


Height: 5’2"
Weight: 108 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Age: 26


A minor noble from the town of Red Rock in the Duchy of Androen, Lysa was easily caught up in the intoxicating courts of Brindol and quickly found herself involved in a group of nobles, knights and other prestigious individuals engaged in depraved carnal activities, lead by the powerful Bishop, Octagnius. It quickly became evident that the bishop and several of the cult’s members were involved in a nefarious plot against the Duke and his marriage to the Duchess of Allondale, but she was forced into participation and unable to escape. Her actions that led to the death of the Duchess’ cousin, Sir Ethan Hogue, haunted her greatly. Eventually, she confided her role in the conspiracy to Sir Atreus Tourian and Mithon, and the information she provided led to the apprehension of the bishop and several key members of his cult, and saved the Duke and Duchess. Unfortunately, she was complicit with the bishop’s attempted coup and was to be tried by the Duke, when Atreus intervened, requesting her pardon. It was granted and Atreus offered her a chance to start over, and leave this city behind. Thankful for her life she agreed to travel with Atreus to assist him in his endeavors as his steward. As steward, Lysa has to be skilled at accounting and legal matters, as well as personnel management, and has to know virtually everything that goes on at the castle and in the surrounding estates.

Lady Lysa Vreen

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