A young elven druid with a mysterious past.


     Mithon is a tall and slender Elven male. He has White Blonde hair and green eyes. He wears well tailored clothing in shades of white, gold and green and Dragon Scale armor.
     He carries an Elven bow and a Long Sword.

Mithon’s Journal


Character Background
Mitherion of Woodcrown was born into a family on the run. Before he was born, his father attempted to overthrow his brother at the time of ascension to the thrown. His coup was unsuccessful and he and his family only just barely escaped with their lives. They have been living since that time by moving from house to house living with families that had secretly supported the coup. Mitherion was born while the family was on the run and has been living that life ever since. Mitherion took naturally to the forest and to archery as most elves do and had become quite the hunter by his mid teens until one day, while carrying home the game that he had killed he was met by Gelb Targgen, leader of the druidic order of Gaia who explained to him just what his hunting was doing to the natural order of the forest. This was exactly what Mitherion needed to hear at that time in his life and the Druidic order struck a chord in his heart. Never since has he used his bow to kill animals except in the rare cases of unnatural animals or when all other efforts have been taken to stop a rogue animal from attacking elves. Mitherion joined the Druidic order under the name Mithon. Shortly after joining, however, a fellow member of the druids uncovered Mithon’s secret and reported him in to the king’s guards. Mitherion narrowly escaped capture but his family was less lucky. His Mother and Sister were captured and executed, his father was badly injured but eventually recovered though he will walk with a limp the rest of his days. His remaining sister was fortunately unharmed. Since then, Mitherion (continuing to hide under the alias Mithon) has left the elven lands, knowing what his indiscretion had cost his family and travels now in the outer world, always attempting to avoid contact with other elves. Recently he became aware of a corrupt Druid who is living in an abandoned ruin and performing unspeakable rituals and experiments upon animals and humans. He has set his course to stop this druid at all costs.

After his departure from the dwarven halls, Mithon wrote two letters, one to his father and another to the leader of his druidic order, Gelb Targgen. The letters were the same.

After the Marriage of Duchess Esabelle and Lord Callen, Mithon crossed the river into the elven lands and sent the letters to his father and the leader of his Druidic order after adding an additional paragraph about Erannon’s actions during the celebration.


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