Moric Alvere

A powerful warrior out to prove he's the best of the best.


     Moric is a tall, heavily muscled warrior who bears the scars of battle with pride. Clad head to toe in steel, the warrior carries himself with confidence and arrogance, is quick to anger and stubborn to boot. Beyond this harsh exterior however, lies the heart of a champion and an unwavering loyalty to those he calls his friends.


     Moric was born the son of a bouncer at a Brindol tavern and thus learned to fight at an early age. His skill was such that Duke Kerden of Brindol accepted the lad as a paige when Moric was only 7 years old. Moric learned the ways of riding, fighting and heraldry but failed to grasp the concepts of courtly etiquette. At age 18, and about to be knighted, Moric fell in love with a woman named Elisi, a scarlet haired beauty who was betrothed to Sir Erdrick, another knight in Duke Kerden’s court. Although Moric’s feelings were not unrequited, Elisi had a duty to her family and so rejected Moric. Enraged, moric assaulted Sir Erdrick and was given a choice to either go to prison or leave Androen.
     Moric left the duchy and decided to travel. He spent a couple years with a wandering mercenary company comprised mostly of half-elves, who often are not accepted in either of their parental communities, and sold his sword to the highest bidders. Whether it was fighing orcs in the Forlorn Forest or the goblins of the Kildrak Mountains, Moric honed his skills to a razor’s edge equal to that of his sword.
     Over the next few years, Moric made his way as an adventurer, accompanied by close companions Sirone the Wizard, Bertrem the Priest, and Brennan the Rogue. He and his party have slain hydras, dragons, demons and even the Lich King of Thankhendar, amassing massive wealth and powerful magical items.
     Now, Moric returns to Elsir Vale to see what his future holds.

Moric Alvere

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