A black dragon working with the Red Hand in the Blackfens.


A large black dragon serving the Red Hand Horde.


     Regiarix has laired in the ruins of Rhest for a number of years. He has little interest in serving Tiamat but has allied himself with the Red Hand for a personal reason—he burns with a need for revenge against none other than Duke Kerden Jarmaath of Brindol. Seventeen years ago, when a young Kerden was a member of the Knights of the Vale, he and his companions encountered young Regiarix in the Marth Forest near Elsircross. Kerden landed a lucky blow that sent Regiarix fleeing for his life. The dragon returned several hours later to find that his treasure had been stolen by the knights, down to the last copper pieces. Regiarix fled to the Blackfens to heal and plot his revenge. The dragon met Saarvith several years ago when the goblin ranger scouted out the city of Rhest as a potential outpost for the growing strength of the Kulkor Zhul. Saarvith promised to help Regiarix get his stolen treasure back someday, and the dragon has aided the goblin—and through him, the Red Hand—ever since.
     The dragon was killed along with Saarvith in the Ruins of Rhest.


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