Old Warklegnaw

An old giant chieftain living a lonely life in the Witchwood.


Today, old Warklegnaw has one foot in the grave. Aged and sick, it’s unlikely he’ll live through another winter. He is currently suffering from a case of red ache disease, which leaves his skin an angry red color and his face and joints painfully swollen. He gathers what food he can from the surrounding woodlands, but he’s not the hunter he once was.


This giant patriarch is the last survivor of the giants who lived here when Vraath Keep launched the attack on this steading. He later participated in the reprisal against the keep. He lost his right eye in that battle, and after it was over he stubbornly refused to relocate with his kin. He was born here in the shadow of Bald Hill (as the Twistusks call the site), and he is determined to live here until he dies.

Old Warklegnaw

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