Assassin's Armor

Dark leather armor consisting of a breastplate, bracers and greaves.


Attuned to: Ian Shadow-Wolf

+2 Toughness, 10 lbs., covers torso arms and legs.


  • Spell (Novice): This suit of leather armor grants the wearer the Invisibility power with 10 power points and a d8 arcane skill.

Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 5
Range: Self
Duration: 3 (1/round)
     Being invisible is a powerful aid in combat and useful for spying on maidens’ changing rooms as well.
     With a success, the character is transparent, but a vague outline is visible. A character may detect the invisible presence if he has a reason to look and makes a Notice roll at –4. Once detected, he may attack the foe at –4 as well. With a raise, the character is completely invisible. The penalty to Notice or hit him is –6.
     In either case, the power affects the character and his personal items. Anything picked up after the power was cast remains visible.


Assassin's Armor

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