Azan-Gund - The Night Warder

A mithral whistle in the shape of a curled dragon

musical instrument

Claimed by Azgar Silverforge
Arcane Skill: d8
Power Points: 10 (Rechargeable)
Usage: 3 PP for 1 minute and 1 PP/minute to maintain.


     Azan-gund “Night Warder”: This whistle is carved from rare mithral, and it resembles a small dragon curled up like a snail. The name Azan-gund and the holy symbols of the Old Gods, are etched on the whistle in Dwarven runes. This whistle is a ward against undead. A detect magic spell reveals a faint necromantic aura, while a Knowledge Arcana check (-2) reveals how the item works.
     A successful Knowledge Arcana check or Knowledge History check (-2) reveals that ancient dark dwarves made several such whistles for various groups in an age past.
     When blown, it creates an area of holy power equal to a Large Burst Template centered on the whistle carrier. Any undead wishing to enter the area must succeed in a contested Spirit check against the whistle’s arcane skill (d8). With success, they may enter freely. On a failure, they are prevented from crossing the boundary for the duration. Ranged weapons and melee weapons with Reach pass freely through the warding, but spells and monstrous abilities (such as a vampire’s Charm) are blocked if the undead fails its roll.
     Undead already within an area that becomes consecrated must make a Spirit roll versus the whistle’s arcane skill. On a success they are free to remain in the area. A failure means they become Shaken and are expelled, moving to just outside the warding. With a critical failure they suffer an automatic wound and are expelled.
     The whistle is a minor artifact. Each use of the power costs 3 Power Points with a Duration of 1 minute (1/ minute).

Azan-Gund - The Night Warder

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