A beautiful holy long sword carved with runes of life and severing. Cyfiawnder translates to 'Justice' in the Old Tongue (Messanian).

weapon (melee)

Attuned to: Atreus Tourian

This blade is one of the The Virtues of Light.

Longsword (Str +d8, 8 lbs.)

     Cyfiawnder is a Cold Forged longsword that grants a +1 to damage against all creatures and a +2 damage vs. Supernaturally Evil creatures. In the hands of a Champion of Light the damage bonus increases to +4 and the wielder gains the Arcane Resistance Edge vs. Necromantic Trappings.
     In addition the sword glows with natural sunlight in a Large Burst Template when wielded.


     When the followers of the Lord of Light took up the mantle of leading the crusade against the Sorcerer Kings, the Creator granted his seven most devout paladins a special blade to aid their fight against the necromancers and their undead. These holy blades, The Virtues of Light, survived the Mage Purge, but the centuries of fighting against the necromantic hordes have taken their toll. Two of the blades remain in the hands of paladins, two are kept in storage at the Shining Citadel, waiting for worthy paladins to be awarded them, and the remaining three are lost.


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