A masterfully crafted dwarven warhammer.

weapon (melee)

Attuned to:

Str +d6, 8 lbs., AP 1 vs. rigid armor


  • Magic: This weapon affects creatures that can only be harmed by magic such as Ethereal beings.
  • Trait: The hammer grants +2 to Fighting and damage rolls and AP1 against orcs.
  • Spell: When wielded by a dwarf, Drongrund gains the Pummel power, 10 power points, and has a casting die of d8.

Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 2
Range: Cone Template
Duration: Instant
Trappings: When the hammer is struck upon the ground a cone of rippling earth emanates, knocking foes asunder.
     Pummel allows a character to knock down multiple foes. The caster makes an arcane skill roll and then places a Cone Template in front of him. Any friend or foe touched by the template must make a Strength roll (at –2 if the caster gets a raise). Any target that fails is knocked back 2d6” and becomes prone. If the target strikes an inanimate object, he is Shaken as well. Targets with cover may subtract the cover modifier from the total distance moved (to a minimum of 0), and flying targets suffer an additional –2 to their Strength roll.



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