Ia' Rasel

A longsword formed completely of ice.

weapon (melee)

Attuned to: Quinwyn

Str +d8, 8 lbs.

Ia’ Rasel is a magical frost longsword that grants a +1 to damage and sparkles with white motes of light at all times; when wielded by a living creature, it flares up with soft blue light equivalent to that of a torch. When the weapon hits with a raise, a shard of the blade breaks off into the wound, causing an additional 2d6 damage on the following round. This feature does not damage the blade, as the blade constantly reforms itself with magical ice.


     The blade is formed composed of enchanted ice that spontaneously grew from the cast off shard of the archetypal ice blade Frostrazor. The ice of the blade continually melts, but it also automatically resublimes from the air to maintain a perfect blade. The blade has been in the possession of the Vraath family for generations and has been considered lost since the fall of Vraath Keep.

Ia' Rasel

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