Sgiathatch Karak

An elven bow crafted from the horns of a black dragon.

weapon (ranged)

Attuned to:

A specially crafted bow made from the horns of a black dragon and equipped with an elegant curved blade on one end. The weapon may be wielded in melee as if wielding a quarterstaff.


Range Damage Min. Str Weight ROF Notes
15/30/60 2d6 d6 4 1
Melee Str + d6 d6 - - Requires 2 hands


  • Special: In the hands of anyone other than an elven druid of Gaia, this weapon functions as a normal bow.
  • Magic: This weapon affects creatures that can only be harmed by magic such as Ethereal beings.
  • Damage Raise: The weapon inflicts an additional 1d8 damage with a raise on the attack roll, instead of 1d6 as normal, and counts as acid damage with the burn trapping, causing an additional 1d6 damage on the archer’s next turn unless the acid is washed off or neutralized in some manner. This power works in both ranged and melee attacks.
  • Spell: The relic contains a variation of the Bolt power and 10 power points, and uses a successful Shooting roll as the activation method. This use of the bow does not require the expenditure of ammunition, but instead, each successful hit spends 1 power point and does 2d6 damage.

Sgiathatch Karak, the Dragon’s Fang was crafted of the horns of a black dragon with a grip of Coria Corm (Purple heart wood). The natural powers of the dragon were drawn out with the assistance of the most magical of elven woods and the enchanting skill of an Elven druid.
     Shiathatch Karak was crafted by Winlass Grall, a master bowyer with the assistance of Gelb Targgen the leader of the Elven order of Druids.

Sgiathatch Karak

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