Atreus Tourian's Journal

The Sunless Citadel – A mother’s missing children and talk of a crazed druid send the Atreus and his new found comrades into a deep crevasse that now holds a fortress dedicated to the infamous dragon Ashardalon.

The Forge of Fury – The champions of Oakhurst seek to discover Khundrukar, the legendary Dwarven stronghold of Durgeddin the Black, fallen to Orcs hundreds if years ago and lost in history.

The Tournament – A tournament in Brindinford celebrating the marriage of Lord Callen Blackwell and Dutchess Esabelle Mullen.

Red Hand of DOOOOOOOOOOOM!!! – Most of these stories below…

Vraath Keep – The heroes are tasked to reclaim Vraath Keep, A haunted castle deep in the Witchwood overrun by hobgoblins.

Skull Gorge Bridge -

Elsir Vale -

Return to Drellin’s Ferry -

March to the Blackfens -

The Ruins of Rhest -

Who is the Ghostlord? -

Ambush! -

The Battle of Brindol -

Abithriaxs Rampage -

The Final Push -

The Fane of Tiamat -

Atreus Tourian's Journal

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