Crystal Tower

     The Crystal Tower is an order of alchemists, scholars and most importantly wizards. Men or women of any age may begin training in the Crystal Tower, but only those with magical ability may become full members. Oftentimes, Noble families in Khemer will send their younger children to the Tower. To this end a wizard who earns his staff is stripped of his family name and from that time on is known only by his title and first name. In practice, however, some wizards hold over old allegiances and loyalties.
     After finishing their studies, a wizard will choose one of four fields, Advocate, Arcanolgist, Court Advisor, or Relic Hunter. These fields represent the wizards profession and career path in life.
     Advocates champion causes thought worthy by Crystal Tower standards and promote justice. Their methods are their own however, and their ultimate goals are known only to them. In short, Advocates are not concerned with means, their members are concerned with end results. Advocates will kill a man as soon as save him, preserve some obscure knowledge as soon as obliterate it, mediate peace as soon as manipulate into a bloody conflict, if the result serves their cause.
      Arcanolgists are scholars dedicated to studying mysterious relics. Often their work means long months, even years, of painstaking research. Arcanolgists typically make their home inside the Crystal Tower studying the relics brought back by Relic Hunter, but they occasionally head out into the world to do research and study magical phenomena.
     Court Advisors are assigned to a castle, keep or other holding, and are loyal to the people of that place as a mentor and advisor, regardless of the changes in control of that holding. These wizards serve as advisors to the Khemeran nobility yet remain free of any political allegiance.
      Relic Hunters are charged with retrieving relics, and information pertaining to relics. While sometimes this means breaking into a noble’s castle, more often than not it means an expedition into a long-forgotten, trap-filled tomb.


     The First Wizard is the senior member of the Tower and is responsible for governance of the Tower. This position is for life and is elected by the Council of Mages.
     The Council of Mages is a governing body within the tower and serve as advisors to the Archwizard. This group is also responsible for assigning the career paths of all graduating wizards.
     The highest ranking members of each field of study within the tower are known as archmages. These wizards are the senior members of the order and are given the right to sit on the Council of Mages.

Traditions and Culture

     Wizards of Khemer are trained in the Crystal Tower near Brindinford to draw on raw supernatural energy to fuel their eldritch fires. This energy often infuses the worlds in which they live, and is drawn forth with elaborate rituals, words of power, runes, or perhaps even dark sacrifices. Wizards are often quite weak early in their careers, but are forces to be reckoned with as they become powerful spellcasters. Wizards begin their careers with the tools of their trade; their staff and spellbook.
The Wizard’s Staff
     To most, a staff is just a big walking stick, but to a wizard it is both a symbol and focus of his magical abilities. All wizards are gifted with a staff on completing their apprenticeship. The staff is bonded to the mage in a complex ritual, and a wizard can only ever own one such staff during his life. All wizards receive their staff for free.
The Wizard’s Spellbook
     All members of the Crystal Tower must maintain a spellbook containing all the powers that they have learned, as well as spells that the wizards are currently researching. Wizards who are denied access to their spellbooks cannot learn new powers until they recover their tome or create a new one.

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Crystal Tower

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