Rexor Thorgrim was the First King of the dwarves, and his fossilized remains are revered by the dwarves of Khemer, who refer to themselves as the “sons and daughters of Rexor,” or Rexorfain. A dwarf’s surname is a descriptive name denoting the nature of the dwarf and followed by his or her clan name, such as “Sturm Strongheart of Clan Ironfist”.
     Male First Names: Arn, Barin, Dolmen, Fargrik, Fyorn, Gluto, Grulf, Haxan, Holst, Illvar, Jokum, Krog, Krune, Kvalgar, Lofgren, Ludvig, Nylan, Rangvald, Stenger, Svensoren, Tarl, Wolvar, Yospur.
     Female First Names: Bjerke, Dreylan, Falka, runda, Gorana, Grayka, Halskir, Hammelmar, Helvig, Hjork, Lykke, Nessa, Ringylrund, Rosenklau, Syldi, Vannim, Yilsi, Yuska, Zelga.
     Surnames: Axeberg, Barrelmead, Copperstein, Crystalbeard, Dragongrind, Dwerryhouse, Emberstoke, Evergulp, Ferrizalt, Grottmund, Hammermain, Ironshoe, Mithralvein, Osterchasm, Rockmantle, Shadowholm, Tarndark, Thunderharm, Tumblecask, Understrom, Vorne, Zonkenlander.


     Dwarves are short, stout, hardy people who come from massive caverns in the high mountains. They are a proud, warlike race, usually made so by frequent contact with savage races such as orcs and goblins. Dwarves usually live upwards of 200 years. They have ruddy skin and all typical hair colors.

Low Light Vision: Dwarven eyes are accustomed to the dark of the underearth. They ignore attack penalties for Dim and Dark lighting.
Slow: Dwarves have a Pace of 5”.
Tough: Dwarves are stout and tough. They start with a d6 Vigor instead of a d4.

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