Tyr’s Holy Order of the Kindred

A paladin sub-order of Tyr, these knights often act as judge and jury, bringing the Tyr’s will to aid in their crusade of justice. They represent what is right, over what is law.

Title: Justicar, Justice Seer, Justice Seeker
Dogma: “Never harm an innocent woman or child. Do not lie, cheat or steal – these things are for lesser men. Protect the weak against the evil strong. Never allow thoughts of gain to lead you into the pursuit of evil. It is not enough to say I will not be evil, it must be fought wherever it is found.”
Beliefs: Justicars believe that they must stand against evil in all forms. They work individually, feeling that each individual’s efforts make for a greater whole.
Origin: ?
Size: ?
Location: The order is represented in the vary regions in the lands. However, individual Justicars and Acolytes may travel as far as their cause needs to be. Brindinford is the headquarters in the north.
Colors/Symbols: Silver & red are commonly seen as colors to identify a Justicar. As followers of Tyr, the ‘Scales of Justice’ or, Teiwaz are also commonplace.
Tithe: Although a tithe is expected, there is no mandatory requirement. Surplus goods and funds are the most beneficial Generally 10% of income gained is tithed as a standard.
Holy Days: As followers of Tyr, Justicars revere the same holy days observed by the clergy. Additionally, Justicars also honor the “Day of Remembrance,”where they honor the tragic events that ultimately led them on the path of a Justicar, as well as the “Day of Rebirth” when they celebrate their the anniversary of their indoctrination into the order.
Indoctrination: All Justicars have once befallen a devastating personal tragedy, one that leaves them orphaned, or separated from family, personally feeling the effects of unwarranted evil. These Acolytes are taken in by a Justicar who becomes their mentor, known as their Advocate. The Advocate assumes sole responsibility of the care, training and, if needed, raising, of their ward until at which time, the Acolyte must prove his worth to Tyr on a pilgrimage. During this journey, their devotion to the Order’s cause is tested, both physically, mentally & spiritually. Once the Acolyte feels he has earned the blessing of Tyr, they travel to their headquarters and stand before the counsel to be tested. If the test is successful, they are welcomed into the fold, and earn the title of Justicar. If they prove to be unworthy, they are required to continue to prove their worth, and may try again at another time. In the past 10 years, only one Acolyte has failed, Kesharian. Sadly, he swore vengeance against the order, and has never been seen again.
Rituals & Customs:
Brefiari: Once a Kindred takes a squire to train, he begins to create a book. This book is one part prayer book – with customs, rituals and other more formalized information for his acolyte concerning the tenents of the religion. The other part of the book is personalized from the Justicar to his trainee. It is thoughts, reflections, and insights that that elder feels may help his trainee on his journeys down the road. He keeps adding entries into the Brefiari from the initiation of his training until the day the squire is himself indoctrinated, at which time it is awarded to the new Justicar. The newly anointed Justicar may often reference this book to further understand or come to terms with problems that arise in his travels. Once the new Justicar adopts a squire for himself, he creates a new Brefiari, and the circle continues.

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