Lannister's Journal


Ahhhh…it felt good to bite into goblin flesh again. It has been many months of uneventful travel, but that all changed quickly. And as I lay in this damned infirmary bed, I look forward to getting back into that tower and decimating those vile goblins. Seems the Gods looked after me that day though, as I am the lucky one as opposed to that elven wizard…Sorfildor I believe he was named. I have attached myself to a group of heroes so it would seem. The beforementioned wizard wouldve made a decent court advisor, although he did seem to have quite a loose tongue. Its hard to advise without one. There was also the Wild One and the dwarf, both amiable fighters, although quite different styles. The Wild One was….different to be nice. Then there was the Knight of Tyr. He would make an outstanding Champion. Even an amazing Knight Lieutenant, if only he could reign in enough to stop asking opinion and taking initiative. Being a man of the gods, I do not know if he would have what it takes to take the charge necessary to be either though. I do need to dig into him a bit more. If I see falter though, I will take his reigns. As of now, and as far as they know or need to, I am an adventuring knight fulfilling a quest. Now it is time for rest. These herbs they have filled me with have kept me drowsy, and the healing magics have taken their toll on my stamina.


Sister Demi at the House of Light leaves little to be desired. ‘Serve Tyr or you’re scum’ was the attitude I received. But they gave me food and bedding, and I was able to heal my wounds. I had a talk with the Knight of Tyr as well. We’ll touch on him shortly. Apparently, the wizard Sorfildor was only an aapprentice. We’ve met the master in one Hedrid Felb. Nice enough man, though deaf as a door. You can tell the experience over the younger elf. He has chosen to pick up where the apprentice left off. He is joining our cause. Our comrades still impress. Azgar…foolhearty or brave, whichever, is a mountain of a dwarf!! The way he plummeted though that door across that pit! And his wit, although dry, and only occasional, keeps hearts light. Our Wild One is much deeper than I expected. He cares for the horses like a mother does a little one. He acts a savage at times, but that only reflects where he comes from, not the man himself. And we have our resident Tyrran. Im more confused about him than when I first met him. He explains his faith off of pure belief. Everything that’s happened was a result of how the one God wanted it. He spreads his joys. He want to be in control. But he has no idea what he is doing. No sound tactics come from him. He lets our strongest (and weakest) in a position to perish, thinking that destroying the goblins is the key. That is the end result. And for someone wanting to limit casualties, putting an injured old man out to pasture just does not sit well. And to chastise because he is the one that healed ME? Without me, there us no wizard. Without me, there us no strong arm, and without me, he will fail in the eyes of his God. Tell me I should be thankful and uncritical of how he functions? You serve your “almighty”, you are not the almighty. He may think that this is his quest. He may think that these are his people. But since he will not take control, I doubt he will even see that I am.

Lannister's Journal

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