Setting Rules

Allowed Resources

     The campaign will be using the Savage Worlds Deluxe and Fantasy Companion rulebooks with some tweaks. Material from other Savage Worlds sources, the Peginc. forums or Savagepedia will be allowed on a case by case basis.

Earning Bennies

     Some ways to earn bennies:

  • Good roleplaying
  • Playing to your hindrances (such that they actually hinder)
  • Clever ideas
  • Awesome stunts
  • Extremely gutsy/heroic actions
  • Really excellent or flavorful action descriptions
  • If players think someone deserves a benny, they are encouraged to mention it to the GM, who may have had his mind elsewhere and could use the reminder. Nominating yourself is usually lame though.

Joker’s Wild

     When a player character draws a Joker during combat, he receives his normal +2 bonus to Trait and damage rolls. In addition, all player characters receive a Benny!

Multiple Languages

     Your character knows a number of languages equal to half his Smarts die. An elf with a d8 Smarts, for example, knows Elvish and four other languages—perhaps human, dwarven, and one other of his choosing.

Edges and Hindrances

     Some Edges and Hindrances work differently in the world of Khemer while others are simply not available. In addition there are some new Edges for the heroes to take.


Magic in Khemer uses the following rules in place of the standard rules:
     Arcane Backgrounds: The following Arcane Backgrounds (magic, miracles and sorcery) are customized to fit the setting of Khemer.
     Magic Items: There are three types of magic items in Khemer—alchemical devices, such as potions and scrolls, minor relics, which require an activation roll, and true relics, the most powerful of the three sorts.
     Meditative Casting: Meditative Casting allows arcane casters to extend the duration of their powers by spending more power points at the time of casting. It costs 1pp to double the duration. With 3 additional power points, the Duration instead increases by one time increment: rounds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become days, and days become weeks.
     Rituals: Magic in Khemer is dangerous and potent, but the most powerful spells are performed through rituals, allowing a spellcaster to gather magical energies to unleash. To perform a ritual the spellcaster must first know the power or have access to a tome providing the instructions to the ritual. In addition, it is wise to have a location where he can work without disruption.

Henchman and Right Hands

     Some characters — such as the right hand of a powerful sorcerer or the captain of the warlord’s guard — are stronger than Extras but they don’t qualify for the Wild Card status, hence they are classed as Henchmen or Right Hands. On the other hand, sometimes characters are a bit more fragile, such as a spindly professor, and are classified as minions.
     A minion is identical to your average extra, except in combat, where they are taken out of action whenever they take damage equal to their Toughness. This is especially good when you want quick, cinematic combats.
     Henchmen are more resilient than Extra and they have three Wounds levels, exactly as Wild Cards, but neither Wild Die nor Bennies.
     Conversely, Right Hands are more skilled and for this reason gain a Wild Die, but have a single Wound as Extras and no Bennies.

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Setting Rules

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