In ages past the Kings of Khemer ruled the northern lands with good hearts and fair hands. The realms of man expanded their territory and lived in peace with the other races of the world. Then the hordes came.
     For the better part of the last three centuries the Goblinoid races mysteriously put aside their petty squabbling and banded together to bring siege to the civilized world. The human kingdoms were defeated one by one as the horde pressed onward. Dwarves, elves, and halflings came to the aid of the humans, and aligned to fight the oncoming goblin horde. After years of bloodshed and war, the goblins were stopped, but much was lost.
     Out of the ashes of the Goblin Wars, the civilized races of the world struggle to put their lives back together. Gone are the empires of the past, shattered by fire and sword. The known world has disintegrated into points of light separated by an ever growing darkness.
     Relative safety can be found in the cities and towns of the world, but travel between these places is dangerous. Goblinkind hungers to taste the flesh and bone of the dwarves, elves and humans once again. Brave heroes are needed to fight back against the evil and bring a light to the darkened land.

     Welcome to the land of Khemer!

Heroes of Khemer

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