Heroes of Khemer

A New Hope For Elsir Vale

Return to Skull Gorge Bridge

     Ian had just finished his third pint of manticore mead at The Laughing Manticore taproom, when his table rattled from the weight of the battle axe dropped upon it. Looking up a little bleary eyed, Ian took notice of the dour faced dwarf staring back at him. “Brule…right?” Ian asked, and then looking behind the dwarf the young rogue noticed two stern-faced elves with their noses in the air, in the way only elves can, and said “Strange company your keeping these days.” Brule Klang of Clan Ironfist, gave the rogue a hearty pat on the back, nearly knocking him out of his chair, and said “These two fine fellows, for elves, are looking for your friends. In particular Hedrid, they claim they’re from the Tower.” Ian sat for a moment trying to organize his thoughts clouded by the pale red drink of honey and spices he had been imbibing. “Oh yeah, them. I had been meaning to catch up with them. They headed west to Drellin’s Ferry a couple days ago.” With that, Ian set out on the road along with the dwarf and the two elves, who introduced themselves as Quinwyn, a swordsman, and Kishra, a Wizard of the Crystal Tower.
     Arriving in Drellin’s Ferry four days later, the group discovers that their companions, Atreus, Azgar, Mithon and Hedrid had headed deep into the Witchwood to look into a growing goblin menace that may be using Vraath Keep, the fortress promised to Atreus, as a base of operations. They decided to follow and hired a guide by the name of Jorr Natherson to lead the way. After spending most of the day traveling through the woods, they arrived at the keep to discover it was indeed occupied by hobgoblins. While doing some reconnaissance, they overheard some talk that a group of prisoners would be coming in soon, and decided to set an ambush as the monstrous humanoids were crossing Cold Creek, about a mile to the north. Laying in wait, the heroes executed a perfect ambush with Quinwyn and Jorr firing their bows, Brule his crossbow, and Kishra flinging deadly magic spells. In no time at all, the goblins were dead or chased off and the group had rescued Atreus and his squire Edward. Atreus told them that the goblins and a green dragon named Ozyrrandion had set an encampment on Skull Gorge Bridge about a dozen miles north along the Dawn Way, and that they had killed Hedrid, Mithon and Azgar.
     Set for revenge, the new group of heroes made their way north through the Witchwood when they came upon a strange effigy, humanoid in shape and standing fifteen feet tall marking another trail. They determined that it was a marker of the Twistusk tribe of hill giants that had gone to war with Amery Vraath a century ago. Having recovered a giant spiked gauntlet, from his first foray into Vraath Keep, Atreus saw a way to make an ally and they followed the trail. There they found a giant beside a fire, easily 10 feet tall…while sitting down. A quick parley avoids a combat, and Old Warklegnaw, the giant, thankful for the group returning his kin’s property agrees to help the heroes against the goblins.
     The group makes their way to the gorge and formulate a plan of attack. Ian sneaks up on the guard tower and silently takes out two hobgoblin archers and the battle is on. Quinnyn takes out a goblin and his worg, while Brule uses his crossbow to take out the other hobgoblin archers. Kishra launches a fireball against the advancing hobgoblin troops before Atreus and Edward charge into the fray from the backs of their mounts. The dragon Ozyrrandion makes several strafing runs, but the heroes are prepared and avoid taking damage from his toxic breath. Quickly the battle turns against the hobgoblins and Ozyrrandion, seeing that the battle was lost, takes flight to the north, but not before making a flyby attack against the heroes on the bridge, knocking Warklegnaw and Edward to their deaths.
     The heroes press on to the north, eager to see the size of the supposed force of goblinoids and upon arriving at Cinder Hill they see a force to be reckoned with. They can easily make out hundreds of warriors in view at any given time. Bands of goblin worg riders patrol the camp’s outskirts, battalions of fierce hobgoblins engage in mock battles with martial shouts and the clang of steel on steel, hulking giants plod from place to place, and they even see a scarlet-colored dragon lazily circling overhead. This is the camp of an army numbering in the thousands.
     Awed by the size of the opposing force, they heroes make haste back to Skull Gorge Bridge with the intent to destroy it, figuring that it would be the only way to slow the horde down and by time for Drellin’s Ferry. Quinnwyn and Brule look for a weak spot of this piece of dwarves master craftsmanship and after some time point it out to Kishra who unleashes his mighty magic to topple the stone causeway. With the bridge destroyed and thousands of monsters preparing to march, the group is left to ponder their next move.



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