Heroes of Khemer

Abithriax's Rampage

A costly victory.

     Gearing up with potions of healing from Sir Lars, the Heroes of the Vale make their way toward the southern gate where the dragon Abithriax was terrorizing the city. The party is joined by Avarthel, the druid from Drellin’s Ferry as Thissag stays behind to tend to the many wounded in battle. Fighting their way through the throng of fleeing soldiers, the party finds themselves in a deserted section of Brindol with the dragon flying overhead.
     The party quickly forms a strategy that has Avarthel, Sir Atreus and Kishra taking shelter behind houses and in alleyways, while Moric stands in the center of the street and calls the dragon out. “You are right to fear me wyrm!” the warrior shouts and he tosses down a white dragon’s tooth and a blue dragon’s horn, the trophies of his previous dragon battles. “See me and gaze upon death!” Moric shouts. Abithriax, a veteran of many human battles, does not fall for the ploy and laughs at the warrior. “I have killed many of your kind, mortal, I am death” the dragon sneers, “why should I care about those too weak to defeat you!”
     With the beast unwilling to cooperate with the party’s plan, the heroes turn to plan B. After the group survives several strafing runs, Kishra taunts Abithriax while Moric and Sir Atreus, hunkering down behind their shields, provide willing targets for the dragon’s breath weapon. Once the Abithriax is close enough, Kishra unleashes his wand of web and entangles both of the dragon’s powerful wings, sending the wyrm crashing to the city streets. The heroes rush to engage in melee, but the enraged dragon breaks free and takes flight again.
     Abithriax circles twice more, breathing fire and setting Moric aflame. Even more worrisome is that he succeeds in splitting up the group and catching Kishra all alone. The dragon lands and tears into the wizard with tooth and claw, and the heroic elf is torn apart before his friend’s very eyes. Too late but to avenge their companion, Sir Atreus and Moric rush to engage the beast. Sir Atreus strikes a mighty blow wounding the dragon again, but Abithriax counter attacks and smashes Sir Atreus and Moric both with one mighty swipe of his tail, severely wounding Sir Atreus and felling Moric. Abithriax takes flight again, and Avarthel quickly rushes to Moric’s aid heals him.
     The party had taken a beating and already lost one of their team, and they needed a plan. Avarthel tells Moric to draw the dragon’s ire again while Sir Atreus rushes over to his faithful steed. Once more Abithriax descends, ready to breath fire on the waiting warrior, but this time Avarthel is ready. Having rushed up to the second story of an inn, the druid uses his mighty magic to cause the earth itself to erupt into the sky and wrap Abithriax in roots before he could unleash his fiery breath. Again the dragon crashes down to the city streets. Moric rushes toward the beast and with a mighty leap, slams his sword into the wyrm’s hide, severely wounding Abithriax, but the dragon was still alive. Sir Atreus, sends a prayer to the Lord of Light, and as the sun rises over Brindol, the knight charges forward on his mount and slams his sword into the Abithriax’s throat, slaying the mighty red dragon. The hobgoblin horde and the men of the Vale both watched in stunned silence, before a thunderous cheer rose from the humans, sending the goblins retreating back for the day.
     Avarthel gathers what he can of Kishra, while Moric collects his trophies and weapons, and perhaps overcome with rage for his fallen friend, Sir Atreus uncharacteristically challenges the retreating horde. “Who’s next!?” the paladin screams at the retreating goblins, but there was no answer. The group makes their way back to the city square and again are greeted by a thunderous cheer from the soldiers of Brindol. Duke Kerden and Sir Lars approach and thank the heroes for their help and encourage them to get some rest before the next night’s attack.
     The group makes their way to the House of the Radian Sun, intending to inter Kishra until they can take him to a druidic grove, when Moric sees a familiar face. His old traveling companion, Bertrem, a Lightbringer, was standing before the church. After an awkward greeting, remembering their trials in the dungeon of Thankendar, Bertrem agrees to help the heroes with the rest of the battle for Brindol.
     After a few hours rest, the heroes are approached by a squire for Sir Lars, who states that the attacks have started again at the outer barricades and the heroes are to make their stand on the Dawn Way. Sergeant Hersk and a retinue of Drellin’s Ferry men reunite with Sir Atreus, along with Jorr Natherson. Jorr pledges his bow to the fight, and after Sir Atreus confirms that the archer can follow orders this time, the knight welcomes Jorr to the group.
     The heroes man the barricades and soon the battle is upon them. The goblins come in waves, the first of which is some goblin worg riders supported by a flying manticore, but the heroes make short work of the monsters. The second wave turns out to be much more difficult. An organized squad of hobgoblin warriors and archers, supported by a Doom Hand cleric of Tiamat, clashes with the heroes and the butcher’s bill was costly on both sides. Although the heroes prevail, all of the Drellin’s Ferry men, save for Sergeant Hersk, but including Jorr fall to the goblins. Spread out and heavily wounded, the heroes hear ghostly howls emanating from the west as five bugbears, glowing white in the torchlight charge towards the heroes. Resignedly the group readies their weapons for the next wave of the attack.



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