Berkealtandai Nergui

An honorable warrior from foreign lands


Berkealtandai Nergui, (Nergui for short) (Pronounced “Nor goo”) was born the third child of the very unfortunate Berkealtandai. His two older siblings died extremely young and so in the hopes of misleading the evil spirits who were taking their children they named their child Nergui (‘No Name’). When Nergui was an adolescent, his father, Berkealtandai (‘Hard gold’) was slain by the clan elders for attempting to incite a revolt and his mother, Antiabestreai (‘Last Flower’) was taken by the tribal leader as spoils of battle. Young Nergui was given to a tribal lieutenant as a dalgas terbuin (‘Practice Target’ a type of training partner) for his son.

The lieutenant’s son was soon thrown from his horse and killed. Nergui, knowing the lieutenant’s wrath and understanding that his failing would cause further shame to his mother, departed the camp and traveled west living off the land and stealing what ever was needed. He was captured (in his early teens) in the city of Freehold. Here he was punished for stealing yet not harshly. The sherriff felt that the young man simply did not understand the laws of the more civilized land and took the boy into his own home. Here the boy was treated well and taught the value of law and order and though the young man kept strongly to his heritage he learned well the values that his foster family taught him. Eventually Nergui, now an adult, left his new home and set out upon his own. Though he was every bit the civilized man, he continued to dress himself in his cultural manner and used weapons appropriate to his cultural background. He found however that his dark skin and hair, so very different from those of the nation he now lived in, brought him an inordinate amount of trouble. Nergui tried to live by his foster father’s laws and got into further trouble by administering those laws upon those who broke them since very rarely did other sherriffs or their men appreciate his help.

It was during this time that he met Atreus Tourian. Atreus was defending a caravan from a group of marauding gnolls when Nergui arrived. Nergui, seeing the plight of the valiant warrior, sent several arrows into the gnoll ranks and then joined the warrior in finishing off the creatures. The two were soon fast friends and though Nergui simply could not understand the others ‘religious’ motivation he agreed with defending the weak and upholding the laws as he understood them.

Unfortunatly for Nergui, his clan had continued its path of destruction and before long the clan had attacked and captured Freehold, killing his foster family and nearly everyone else in the city. Hatred for those who look like him is now at an all-time high as the armies of the “civilized” lands fight a tenuous battle against the forces of his birth nation.

Berkealtandai Nergui

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