Ian Shadow-wolf

A daring rogue looking for a friend.


Height: 5-8
Weight: 165
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Sex: Male
Age: 17


Ian doesn’t have any friends.
     Growing up poor in Marthton makes it extremely hard to make friends, even more so when your father is crazy and Ian’s father, Barnaby, was definitely crazy. Barnaby went and got himself the pox, and in the later stages of his illness he grew paranoid and shut himself inside their home convinced that the world was out to get him.
     As he slowly withered away and died Agnes, Ian’s mother, struggled to make ends meet by cleaning the homes of the wealthy. She worked herself to the bone to try and provide for her family. She had to travel on an oxcart to the country estates of her employers and on one such journey, they were attacked by Orc raiders and Ian’s mother was carried off.
     Alone and hungry with no money, Ian found himself on the streets of Marthton at the age of 10. He survived by living in the shadows and taking what he needed from unsuspecting shop keepers and scrounging what he could from the trash. After five years, Ian found that he had developed these talents to an art form. He got so good, he could walk up to shop keep, engage him in conversation, stealing his wares as he talked, and then cutting his purse as he shook his hand and left. These skills did not go unnoticed however.
     The “guild” in Marthton had been watching Ian for weeks before they approached him. They became his friends and taught him skills he didn’t know such as swordplay and came up with jobs they could work together all without letting him know that they were actually with the guild. After a couple of years they revealed to him their betrayal and who they were working for, and insisted that he become part of the guild. They claimed he owed them for the training they gave him and required him to turn over most of the riches he had acquired. He refused to pay, and the guild tried to force him by sending his friends to give him an ultimatum. They showed up at Ian’s late one summer night and demanded the money or his life. Perhaps they trained him too well.
     Ian left Marthton on an early summer morning. He had his swords, axes and knives in place, and a pack on his back. He decided to try his hand as an adventurer, out to seek his fortune in the world. Unfortunately Ian left alone, because once again, Ian doesn’t have any friends.

Ian Shadow-wolf

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