Quinwyn Galanodel

A heroic elven swordsman.


Quinwyn stands at 5’10", tall and lithe for an elf. He has long white-blonde hair and carries himself with an air of confidence and deadly grace.

Quinwyn’s Journal


     Quinwyn has been skilled with arms from a very early age and used this skill to join the guards. His talent made him a rising star, despite his stubbornness. He was on the short list for becoming a member of the Royal guard, and thus ensuring his status and increasing the status of his family, when the King’s brother Khemiranth attempted to usurp the throne. Quinwyn had always felt that Eltenthalis was unworthy and so he threw in with the usurpers, much to his family’s dismay. When the rebellion was defeated Quinwyn was found to be guilty of misconduct and potentially treason. His brother, Kishra, had just been accepted to join the Crystal Tower and Quinwyn begged to be allowed to join him. The head of the Guard supported Quinwyn’s request and the King allowed him to do so after having him publicly whipped and removed from the Guard. Quinwyn’s family was dramatically hindered by his decision with his family’s successful jewelry business falling into bankruptcy and his Sister’s fiancee withdrawing from the union.
     In the Crystal Tower, Quinwyn’s skill earned him respect and soon he was recommended for promotion yet Quinwyn refused it, always remaining at the lowest ranks of the Crystal Shield and following his brother’s guidance. The captain of the Crystal Shield attempted to force Quinwyn to accept promotion, treating him with the greatest disdain and assigning him the most menial of tasks, but Quinwyn gamely strove on performing the tasks and griping with the rest of the newcomers to the tower. Wherever Kishra goes, Quinwyn follows. Though Quinwyn remains stubborn on the smaller details, he always bends to his brother’s will when the decision is significant.

Quinwyn Galanodel

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