Thissag Irongut of Clan Coalhewer

A tattooed dwarf out to recover the long lost runes of the past.


     Thissag Ironggut is solidly built dwarf with ruddy skin and flame red hair. Standing 4’6" tall and weighing 185 pounds with Dethek runes crawling up his arms, Thissag is sight to behold. Add to that, the fact that he is loud and boisterous, extolling the virtues of the dwarves and somewhat of a braggart, the dwarf often intimidates his enemies into submission without having to bring his terrible hammer to bear.


     Isolated in sacred forges and holy libraries, runepriests seek to unlock the secrets of the runes of divine power. Legend holds that the ancestors crafted a set of powerful runes, each imbued with a core of divine power, to help create the world and give it order. During the long war against the Sorcerer Kings, many of these runes were lost. Even the ancient spirits only dimly recall the runes of power. Somewhere in the forgotten depths of a dungeon or the isolated corner of the planes, those ancient runes wait to be discovered. A runepriest can learn much in the peaceful halls of a temple, but sooner or later he or she must put on armor and go forth to find or create a new rune, and in so doing earn a name among the masters of rune magic.
     Thissag learned the art of rune smithing from his master, sweating over a forge deep within a dwarven stronghold, crafting weapons and armor for the faithful as part of his apprenticeship. Along the way, he learned how to take inscribed runes and turn them into words and signs of power that you can incorporate into his prayers. But now, the time for learning is at an end. Now is the time for adventure, to merge the runes of power with his weapons and armor, call to the ancestors and channel their might against his enemies. The runes are his weapons, and the ancestors’ foes await his judgment.
     Thissag has made a living in Elsir Vale as a caravan guard and healer to fund his expeditions as an adventurer into long lost dwarven clan holds and tombs in search of dwarves runes. He occasionally returns to his home in the Hammerfist Holds but spends most of his time on the road, having gained a wanderlust and an appreciation of the open fields of the Vale that few dwarves can.

Thissag’s Journal

Thissag Irongut of Clan Coalhewer

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