Prelate Tredora Goldenbrow

Prelate of the Sisters of Mercy in Brindol.


     Tredora Goldenbrow is the Prelate of the Sisters of Mercy in Androen and one of the most prominent clerics in Brindol. She is also one of the town’s most recognizable faces; as a half-elf, her elven heritage has given her an ethereal beauty that has left many worshipers in the throes of a hopeless infatuation.


     Her relationship with Duke Jarmaath is an open secret in Brindol; no one speaks openly of it, but everyone knows the two are lovers. Though she is normally kindhearted and soft-spoken, she said to have a dormant rage in her heart, and she can become quite vocal and fierce in matters of Brindol’s well-being.

Prelate Tredora Goldenbrow

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