Starsong Hill

Population: 485; Isolated (97% elf, 3% half-elf)
Ruler: Speaker Sellyria Starsinger
Religion: Anamaism
Overview: Starsong Hill is a mound of dry land surrounded by a thick grove of trees. The hill within this grove only rises 20 feet from the surface of the surrounding wetlands at its highest point. The elves live in simple hide and wooden shelters similar to wigwams. The southern third of the hill is uninhabited by the elves; here, the giant owls allied with the tribe nest in the tall trees.

Notable Locations

Places of Interest in Starsong Hill include the following.

  • Watchposts: Each of these locations is a small, 10-foot-diameter platform with a cunning blind to camouflage the Tiri Kitor hunter stationed on duty within.
  • Owl Nests: These trees are where the giant owls of Starsong Hill nest. All told, thirty-one giant owls live in these nests.
  • Guests Tents: These tents are currently used to store food, firewood, and other supplies. If the PCs wish to use Starsong Hill as a base of operations, the elves clear out as many of these tents as necessary to give the PCs a place to stay. A single tent can comfortably house four characters.
  • House of the Speaker: This comfortable tree house is home to the leader of the Tiri Kitor tribe, the wise and ancient Sellyria Starsinger. The building is small, consisting of a front room, a parlor, a tiny closet, and a bedroom.
  • Temple of the Four Winds: This beautiful structure isn’t the largest building in town, but it’s certainly the most impressive. The temple is made of wood shaped from the trunk and branches of a large, squat tree in such a way that the tree was unharmed and allowed to continue to grow. The temple consists of a large, circular worship hall, the walls of which are left open to the air. A 10-foot-tall statue of an elven female stands at the temple’s center. The camp’s only druid, Illian Snowmantle, leads observances every three days. He lives in a simple tent at the tree’s base and keeps a good supply of potions and scrolls (none worth more than 800 sp) for use among the smaller outlying settlements.
  • Hall of Ancestors: The largest structure in the campsite, the Hall of Ancestors is a three-story tree house that serves several purposes. Its lower floor contains a massive meeting hall, large enough to seat two hundred people. Tribal moots are held here once every few months, during which time the leaders of the wild elf tribes inform their people of recent events, let them air grievances, and arrive at a consensus about plans for the future.
         The middle floor consists of a wide balcony that surrounds a number of small chambers used as trading posts by local elves who wish to sell their wares to others. A small theater, two taverns, and several craft shops can also be found here.
         The upper (and smallest) floor serves two purposes. The majority of this floor consists of storage for books, scrolls, and other records of interest to the elves and their history. This collection (and indeed, the entire hall) is overseen by Trellara Nightshadow, who lives in a small suite of rooms here as well. Also present on this floor is the Chamber of Ancestry, a large vault with no windows. The walls of this tall cylindrical room are studded with hundreds and hundreds of niches. Many of these niches contain urns that hold the cremated remains of deceased Tiri Kitor elves.
    • Killiar’s Home:* This great tent, almost twice as large as the others, is the home of Killiar Arrowswift. The place hardly looks lived-in, since Killiar is rarely here.

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Starsong Hill

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